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Default Re: The Riddler Casting Thread

I would be laughing too much with Carell. NPH is not a good dramatic actor.

I want a Riddler who i can take seriously. Be slightly creeped out by, and a little annoyed by him too. Somebody i want to strangle but who gives me the creeps because he's like an obessive, weak little stalker who is super smart yet is so full of himself. I've had enough laughs with Gorshin and Carrey, it's time for a straight up weirdo. But visually not as colorful.

For me, he needs to be older too. Carrey was in his 20s. This new Gotham version looks like an early 20s version. I want this Riddler to be in his 40s. Michael Emerson would have been great around the time he started Lost. But that ship has sailed.

Im not sure who i would cast right now, but i guess i wouldnt mind if Riddler wasn't in the newer movies at all. I'd actually rather see an older Joker. Im still not a Riddler fan to be honest. Never have been.

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