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Default Re: How powerful will Jean be?

Originally Posted by DarknessOfDeath View Post
I'd like to see Jean again but not having seen DOFP yet and knowing the ending, I hope Singer and co don't screw her up. She was fine in X1 but great in X2... So...thing I'm worried about is are we going to see most of the original cast in this movie? far will they go to keep the cast intact to a certain extent until they had enough? Famke is getting up there...and so is Hugh...James is still young but he's getting up there too. As much as I want to see the old cast back for more X-films, I feel its time the rights for X-men reverts back to Marvel so Marvel can at least start fresh with new blood. But that as hell not going to happen in our life time. I understand X-Men is fox's baby at this time but one way or another, Fox needs to learn to let that go. It's always been Marvel's baby and its time for them to do their character's justice!
With DOFP crossing the $700 million mark. Fox's returning the rights would be a very bad business decision.

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