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Default Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Box Office Predictions

I'm now thinking that the movie will do over 400mil in the U.S and probably 500mil overseas. So yeah I'm now thinking that it will do over 900mil altogether.

I'm thinking it has a shot at 60mil on it's opening wednesday.

I hope I'm not overpredicting it because I want to be fair to a franchise that I don't like but I don't think so.

The climent just seems really good for it. The last SFX picture, Terminator Salvation, didn't exactly rock at the boxoffice. So people might be even more hungry for what they perceive to be a um...good...action movie. A sequel to a movie they very much enjoyed.

I think it could make more than Pirates 2 domestically, like 25 to 35mil more.

The DVD sales were huge so really the sky is the limit, I could be underestimating it for all I know. The costly Imax tickets could add a s**tload to it's gross so I totally could be underestimating it.

I certainly hope I am way overpredicting it but I don't think so.

Heres how I see the days playing out:

wed: 55.6mil

thu: 28.5mil

fri: 35.6mil

sat: 36.3mil

sun: 26.5mil

3day: (friday to sunday)98.4mil

5day: 182.5mil

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