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Default Re: November 6th, 2012: Campaigning, Early Voting, Election Day, And The Results! - P

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
Didn't Puerto Rico vote today on whether or not they want to become a state?

The two-part referendum first asked voters if they wanted to change Puerto Rico’s 114-year relationship with the United States. A second question gave voters three alternatives if they wanted a change: become a U.S. state, gain independence, or have a ‘‘sovereign free association,’’ a designation that would give more autonomy for the territory of 4 million people.

With 243 of 1,643 precincts reporting late Tuesday, 75,188 voters, or 53 percent, said they did not want to continue under the current political status. Forty-seven percent, or 67,304 voters, supported the status quo.

On the second question, 65 percent favored statehood, followed by 31 percent for sovereign free association and 4 percent for independence.

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