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Default Re: November 6th, 2012: Campaigning, Early Voting, Election Day, And The Results! II

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
People did the same thing regarding Democrats following 2000. The Republican Party isn't dead. They are no where near Whig level. If the economy double dips, they will probably make gains in 2014.

The Dems had one election with a transitional candidate in 2004, outside of that the similarities to this election end there. The problems the Republicans face now are more similar to what the Dems had for the 12 years of Reagan and Bush I, when the party was so far left of center with Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis they didn't stand a chance. It wasn't until Clinton came around and brought them more towards the center and refined many of the parties platforms that they became viable again.

On top of that now. Republicans face the issues of shrinking white voting demographic which by and large is almost the entirety of their voting base. They've lost the minority vote including the growing Hispanic population (that Bush II was actually able to appeal to), and they continue to further alienate other up and coming groups like women, close city suburb votes, gays, etc. Hell, based on the stats last night, they're getting crushed in the overall 18-44 age demographic. That's literally an entire generation and a half of people who predominantly vote democrat now.

They need someone with more mass appeal and to become more inclusive. They need to throw out idiotic zealots like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. How on Earth do you let those two on your ballot? You're practically giving away those senate seats.

I'm literally face-palming sitting here listening to the Monday morning QB's in the media lamenting that perhaps Romney wasnt "conservative enough." It's ridiculous. The conservatives went out and voted for the guy, not too many other people did, therein lies the problem. You can't win national elections anymore only appealing to old, rich, white, and angry 45+ year old males.

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