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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV OOC Thread

Create a Hero RPG SEASON IV Application

Character you have created:

Dinorah Redrave

Speech Color (Actually say what you're using, don't go "Like this", or what not):
Purple, Georgia Font

Character Alignment: Hero/Villain/Walking the Line

Identity: Secret/Known

Character Personality:
A strong will, a sharp intellect, a keen wit and a serious no-nonsense attitude make Dinorah a hard nut to crack. She is cynical, broody and hesitant to connect with those that inhabit this world. Dinorah's human hormones are supercharged due to her demon DNA, which in turn makes Dinorah extremely sexual by nature, a hedonist, though she does not publicly put that aspect of her on display.

Uniform/costume: (Briefly describe or post a picture of what your character's costume looks like)

Origin Info/Details:
Dinorah Redgrave's mother died during childbirth. She never knew her father. When she turned 12 years old, puberty began to take it's course and on top of the additional "changes" that come with this coming of age, Dinorah had begun with a set of changes different than most girls. After getting extremely ill for weeks Dinorah underwent a transformation. Razor sharp claws from her fingers and scaled wings ripping out of her back, her eyes glowing wickedly. She was more than human. Under the care of her grandmother, the only other one aware of Dinorah's curse, she quarantined herself in the basement for months until she realized the transformations could be controlled. After nearly a year of hiding from the outside world, gaining complete control of her demonic transformations, Dinorah Redgrave emerged as...The Valkyrie. She is on a quest to discover where her powers have come from, knowing that if she can find out who her father is, that may yield the answers she is looking for

Hero Type (Select one):
Supernatural Elemental (Demigod or Demon, yet to be revealed)

Power Level (Select one below):
World Level

Powers (Be Specific):
Flight, super-strength, razor sharp claws and the ability to breath release a "Battle Cry" so poweful her voice is a projectile weapon, known as The Siren Scream. Advanced healing factor and advance sense of smell


Strength Level:

Speed/Reaction Timing Level:

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
5 hours



Fighting Skill:



None known

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):[/FONT]

Verona Redgrave- Dinorahs grandmother, the woman who raised her after her mother died during childbirth. She is the only one who knows about Dinorahs curse and the only support system she has. It's hinted that Verona herself has a sordid past.

Drew Keaton- An expert on the occult, alternate worlds and Demonology. Secretly worships Dinorah, and because of this he is aggressively trying to help Dinorah discover the origin of her powers

Madison Hart - Dinorahs childhood friend, thrust back into her life due to circumstances yet to play out

List a few reasons why you've created that character:
Wanted desperately to return, always RP'd as males and as villains, so this is a welcome switch.

What can you bring to the RPG?:
I fancy myself a keen storyteller who cares more about contributing to the grand scheme of things rather than try to have my character steal the show.

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue)

"All these poor souls wander this world in search of something they will never find..." Valkyrie thinks to herself as she soars through the night sky, the moonlight guiding her on her path through the city.

"They all have this idea of happiness, as if happiness is something even remotely obtainable. It's not. Human nature decides against it, for when one achieves what they think is happiness, they only want more. Man is never satisfied. Me? I have forsaken any idea of happiness the day I came into this world, when my mother gave her life bringing me into it. Happiness is not what I seek. What I need are ANSWERS. I need to know where these powers, this curse, where it all comes from. I need to know the truth."

She gracefully cuts through the air, her long blond hair flowing in the wind as her purple, dragon like wings proudly span.

"HELP!!" A voice cries from below.

"That man just stole my car! My baby is inside" a panicked mother screams from the streets as a Blue Chevy Caviler speeds off.

"I don't know where these powers come from..." Valkyrie thinks to herself.

"...but I have them, and therefore I have a responsibility I suppose."

The Valkyrie glides toward the moving car at an impeccable speed. The blue Chevy picks up the pace and Valkyrie can see the young 3 year old boy in the back seat. She needs to handle this delicately. It would be so easy to take the car out with her "Siren Scream" but that would easily endanger the child. Valkyrie instead catches up to the car and suddenly drops on the roof, causing the car to swerve. She climbs over to the side and busts in the back window, which frightens the child in the back even further.

"What in the hell ARE you!?!" the crook says as he pulls out his gun and points it at Valkyrie. She reacts as quickly as she can and covers the child's ears tightly. The crook shoots Valkyrie twice in the chest and she winces briefly, keeping her hands tightly covering the child's ears before unleashing her Siren Scream on the crook. His eyelids peel back and his nose begins to bleed as he is in direct contact with the deafening force. He passes out as his eardrums pop and blood spews from them. She grabs the young child and clutches him close to her chest. As the unmanned moving vehicle is set to go over a bridge, Valkyrie projects herself and the boy from the car merely seconds before it goes over the edge and into the water. Valkyrie glides through the air with the screaming toddler flailing his arms and legs, not fully understanding the situation.

"I get it kid. You are scared. I was too, once upon a time."

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