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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 3

Originally Posted by MrMaooz View Post
Ummm...that's probably his phone lol.
Originally Posted by MrMaooz View Post's his wallet.
We have already established that Henry is just as blessed in his 'personal areas' as he is with his facial features. Don't doubt it; don't make us prove it once again!

...or, alternatively, DO doubt it, so we are forced to verify it with photo evidence

Anyway, he looks very beefy and broad in that picture... Slumcat, personally I was never sure if I agreed with your theory that he'd get even bigger than he was in MoS, but I think you may be right...

I had doubted there would be a shirtless scene (still kinda do doubt that actually ) and just felt that without that, and maybe without the initial need he had to really prove himself in the first film, there wouldn't be the need to get that big again. But he looks pretty huge - maybe it's a pride thing as well, wanting to push yourself past your limits and get EVEN BIGGER than before. He seems like someone who would want to beat his last record. Not that I know anything about what he's really like behind closed doors, but hey ho!

I love it when he wears beanies. Just putting it out there.

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