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Default Re: Superman:Doomsday

Superman: Doomsday is a good concept BUT why the short running time?!? It's only 75 mins, that's kinda under-developed or rushed don't you think?

I mean if it's gonna be based on the comic books (Death Of Superman, World without Superman, Return of Superman, etc.), it's gotta have:

1.Doomsday's introduction
2.His reign of terror in the city
3.The JLA learning about Doomsday and eventually fighting him with Supes
4.JLA defeated, except Supes the last one standing
5.Supes one on one with Doomsday
6.The world and the JLA coping with his loss
7.The characters claiming they are Superman
8.Return of Superman
9.Battle with Doomsday again

Not to mention, it's gotta have substance. So if indeed it's only 75 mins, I think the makers are gonna stray away from the comics or make their own interpretation. BUT I really love to see the JLA fighting with Supes and the how the world and the JLA struggle with Supes' demise. But then again, it's only 75 mins. Oh, well, still hoping it will turn out alright, crossing my fingers.

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