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Default Re: Discussion: Abortion II

Originally Posted by StorminNorman View Post
No one has a right to exist. You have a right to live - the difference is the difference between a right to healthcare or food or shelter and a right to seek healthcare, food and shelter.

The issue for the mother isn't a matter of kill or save, it's to provide or not to provide. Since no man has the right to another life, the fetus does not have a right to their mother's life.

Consider it this way as well by going outside the womb. You have a woman and an toddler isolated with enough food for one of them. Who deserves the food? The woman or the child? The answer is the woman. Why? The woman can exist for herself and the toddler can't. If the woman sacrifices herself for the infant, both die.
You know Norman, I find I don't agree with you on a lot of things, but I have to admit the intellectual underpinnings of all your arguments always give me a lot to think about. I've rarely heard the libertarian argument for pro-choice made so succinctly before.

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