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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by CaptainClown View Post
Bane did seem to have this type of "loyal dog" type aspect with Talia.

Similar to a little sister and a big daddy. (Bioshock)

A very loving relationship, not in a romantic type of way but something much deeper that wasn't quite touched on. And I think that is what made me like his character even more. Like there was some love that will never be addressed.

I personally think Talia really saw him for who he really was, and showed the only sort of love he has ever known. When she returned he (In my opinion) was loyal to her and only her.

If he had his way he probably would have been done with the league long ago.
Little Talia had no obligation to return to the pit and bring her father to rescue Bane. For all she knew, he was probably dead. It's actually similar to Catwoman returning to Gotham (under no obligation whatsoever) to help with the assault, even if she doesn't know if Batman is hurt or dead already. The difference is that Bruce and Selina want to move on, while Bane and Talia only wish to wallow in their hatred and let it consume them.

So in that way, I see Talia and Bane as partners, and yes, loving partners in a relationship that is perhaps incomprehensible to the rest of the world. IMO both held too much hatred to really be in what we consider a proper romantic relationship. Bane had potential for empathy, but it was snuffed out by what was done to him in that pit, and perhaps by the LoS too. (It's hard to say whether he hates Ra's, or maybe empathizes with him. I mean, he did rescue Bane from that pit and all.) The only mercy he had left was for Talia, the lone person to came back for him. But they're both monsters, really.

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