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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Why do so many people mistake Batman's retirement being a result of Rachel's death? If Rachel dying was enough to make Batman throw in the towel then he wouldn't have gone after the Joker and stopped his rampage after she died.

The reason Batman was retired is because Harvey Dent's heroic image and legacy cleaned up Gotham's crime so well that Batman wasn't needed any more. Remember this key scene;

Gordon: "We were in this together and then you were gone"
Bruce: "The Batman wasn't needed any more. We won"
Gordon: "Based on a lie"

Rachel is the reason why Bruce gave up on trying to find himself some kind of normal life after he hung up the cape and cowl. Again two key scenes spell this out;

Bruce: "There's nothing out there for me"
Alfred: "And that's the problem. You hung up your cape and your cowl but you never moved on. You never went to find yourself a life. To find someone"
Bruce: "Alfred, I did find someone"
Alfred: "I know, and you lost 'em. But that's all part of living"

Alfred: "You used to talk about finishing. About finding a life beyond that awful cave"
Bruce: "Alfred, Rachel died knowing we had decided to be together. I can't just move on. She didn't. She couldn't"
Alfred: "What if she had?"
Bruce: "She couldn't...I can't change that"
Alfred: "What if before she died she wrote a letter saying she chose Harvey Dent over you.....and what if to spare you pain I burned that letter"
Bruce: "How dare you use Rachel to try to stop me"

The movie makes it very clear, but so many people always say he quit being Batman because Rachel was dead.

The whole idea of Bruce giving up the cape and cowl because of Rachel is silly. Sure, he still grieves over Rachel as much as he grieved over her right after she died before he went after Joker, but he didn't quit because of her death. If the Dent Act didn't happened, we would've had a pissed off Batman who lost his wishful girlfriend haunting the streets of Gotham.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I think people thought he retired due to Rachel's death because he became this depressed recluse of a hermit. That and all the dialogue with Alfred in the cave and around the mansion was about the loss of Rachel. Not saying that its accurate, but I'm just guessing why people assumed this. Question is, why did he become such a recluse? Yes the war was won, but he certaintly didn't act like someone that won a war. Is the answer that he was depressed, withdrawn because the war was won and there was nothing left to do? Maybe one could say that he was depressed that the war was won, but now there was no one to share the victory with, so Rachel's death did contribute to mental health. Thoughts?
Bruce gave up the cape and cowl because of the Dent Act and what it did with the mobs.

Bruce then became a hermit three years before TDKR's events because of the failed clean energy project.

Bruce giving up the Batman and being a recluse had nothing to do with Rachel.

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