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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
If they'd pulled the trigger right after seeing the batsignal, Bane wouldn't have had the chance to shoot for his apotheosis.
I somewhat can see it this way; Bane was clearly a man of vision who wanted it to all go 'his way', and he had every reason to believe he could beat Batman into a pulp a second time as well.

I do, however, agree that Blake's reasoning is pretty shaky. JGL delivered his lines well enough that it didn't bother me on repeat viewings.
Yeah, even though the logic doesn't work at all, JGL does a great job in that scene. I actually like that scene just because of his acting (well, and the score), even though writing-wise I think it's dumb.

Batman could've used the grapnel gun; however they were surrounded be Bane's men all of whom were armed. It would've been a small thing for one to simply shoot him in the arm, leaving Batman handicapped for the rest of the fight with Bane.
Mmm.. maybe. I mean Scarecrow's men also had guns but Batman still zipped around the ceiling picking them off.

The other part of it is using the gun to wrap up Bane's legs or something like that. Part of that is Bruce initially, arrogantly, thought he could just manhandle Bane the way he does pretty much everybody, but around the time he throws those little powder bombs or what not at Bane, it seems like it would have been smarter to skip trying to intimidate the guy who just beat your ass with his bare hands and go straight ahead to trying to trip him up or wrap him up. Not to say that would have ended the fight, though.

*edit* Although, again, he usually has those mines/bombs on his belt, too. Might have been a good time to bend his 'one rule' and maim Bane with one.

Recall that this fight was deep in the sewers; Arkham was easy enough for the bats to reach compared to some hidden underground lair.
That's a good point.

I would've enjoyed seeing Batman use the device to create a diversion, allowing him to return to Gotham however.
I don't know that he'd want that much attention just yet. But maybe it could have been a fun call back had he used them to save Gordon on the ice? Of course, that swarm just as easily could have startled Gordon and caused him to inadvertently crack the ice himself.

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