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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes

Originally Posted by Hicksatpd View Post
... I don't think that's very true at all. Not when you're being rushed from a far distance and have plenty of time to aim and open fire, which they did. There's a reason the machine gun changed modern warfare forever, and it's because in WW1 people were dropping like flies when they tried to attack 'the old way' en masse. Those guns absolutely would kill a lot of them quickly while they're in that formation. Minimum put them down with wounds.
The weapons are automatics weapons not machine guns. Automatic weapons only increase the amount of bullets being fired per second thru a barrel. The more bullets being fired the kickback and pressure building the barrel where the bullet is guided thru. so, after each pull of the trigger the gun tends get push upward with each bullet being shot. you would need to wait a second or two to negate that affect. Machine guns rotate the barrels attached in a circular motion. This type of weapon is more effective since it doesn't have that pressure building up in the barrel or the reaction of a person to control it. Therefore, it is able to shoot straight and not risk a slight upper movement that could miss the target. Lastly, not every merc/con actually had an automatic weapon. There were like five people with those types of guns in front of the line and bane and his people were too far away to make a difference without having to move forward, but by that time it was a hand to hand combat.

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