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Default Re: the copyright question

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Right. It's never that by-the-book, although it's still pretty easy to figure out whether WB (or most companies) would be cool with something or not. If they are losing money because of you, it is not cool.

That's why I haven't heard a peep about WB about my TDK viral website. I ain't making any money from it, and even if I did make money by selling something viral-oriented, I would providing something that WB is not anyway. I wouldn't be cutting into their market.
I would imagine that's why they are leaving the mask sellers alone in eBay a there is no high end movie replica masks available aside from the mass produced rubies stuff, I wonder if Warners see a fan made replica close to screen used as a rubies $20 mask.

Though there are a lot if people on eBay selling custom batman Lego figures when there us already official Lego figures, I wonder how Warners see that.


Go on check it out, its only a minute and a half.
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