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Default Re: Early box-office predictions

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
You seem to forget that Iron Man 2 came out before the box office juggernaut know as The Avengers. Iron Man had arguably the biggest role in the film and was the second most popular character behind Hulk.
I agree the Avengers will have a big impact on IM3's box office, but jumping from $650mm to $950 (my estimate) is a big impact.

Guaranteed billion was an exagerration but honestly this film is going to do any less than 850 million. Oh and Thor may have been an after thought as far as screentime, but he still left a big impression with the audiences (much bigger than Cap).
I agree in terms of $850mm. I'd be very surprised if it didn't eclipse that, I just think $1b isn't guaranteed. I'm not sure Thor left as big an impression as you are but I agree that Iron Man and Hulk clearly made the biggest impressions (why aren't they making another Hulk movie again?) then the next slot would be debatable... Both Cap and Thor had a few good one-liners but weren't as awesome as they could have been...

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