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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by JKKS085 View Post
This is is additional proof, although none is really needed, that Goyer really didn't put that much (or even enough) thoughts into his screenplay. The way the secret identity thing was handled in the film is simply outrageous anyways.

When you fail to properly write or at least properly introduce something that is so integral to the character, it just means that you're not the right person for the job.
Originally Posted by The Valeyard View Post
He also made it seem that having Lois know his secret from before he even became Superman was a cop-out, because they wouldn't know how to pull off the Clark/Superman secret with her in play.

Seems lazy to me.
Why do they need to pull it off? Why not do something different?

They could just carbon copy everything that has been done before and dick the audience around with the dramatic irony but they chose to do the opposite. They decided the challenge the idea and give us an actual relationship between Lois and Clark one that hasn't been seen on the big screen. They have a real partnership now and their adoration for each other is based on who they actually are and not God-like hero and lovesick girl that they've have been portrayed as for decades.

Their decision to go against what's been done before is the opposite of lazy.

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