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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by The Valeyard View Post
Based on the way Goyer described it as a 'way out' to avoid issues with Lois and the Clark/Superman identity, I'd describe it as lazy.

And unfortunately that supposed relationship never came to pass onscreen. The film took a lot of heat for the dynamic between them being completely forced and contrived. Personally I think a lot of that has to do with Lois knowing from before he even became Superman. It nullified any tension between the characters and we ended up with a very stale 'relationship.'
He was putting to rest a point of contention by the GA and found a more interesting way to tell their story. Doing the same old thing is lazy.

And who gave it a lot of heat? I thought their relationship was good on screen. I completely bought their attraction to each other and why they would have a crush on one another.

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