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Default Re: Ice Giants and Other Asguardian Creatures Appreciation

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Thanks! I saw someone else also punting this a while back so I've ordered it online. Well, it's in my wishlist waiting for my wallet to recover from the festive season, since we went over budget on guitar hero Metallica (for the kids, of course )...

Regarding Asgard, I thought the name was for both 'country' (or even world) and city. Surely they have some fauna running/flying/swimming around in the countryside? Referring to non-sentient beasts I am.

And if Volstagg has pet dragon, what would Thor have? Is there any pet cooler than a dragon?
You won't regret getting the book Bren. If you can, get or borrow, the Ages of Thunder trade paper back too. The stories in Ages of Thunder cover what led to Thor's banishment, and the Writer adapted actual myths to tell that story.
Well Thor did have two flying Goats, but we haven't seen them since the Asgardians returned in the comics tho.

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