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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by conan69 View Post
Ill take a film that attempts to say something and may fail, over a film that gives me nothing to think about anyday. Unfortunately, not only most superhero films, but most films in general are brainless, and dumb, and thats why I watch so few movies and dont watch any television except whats really on premium channels(since they have the freedom to deal with more weighty issues).

Superheroes are really mythology - Superman, Batman,etc.. these characters often deal with themes that go way back through classic storytelling. They dont have to be dumb action films.

Yes TDK has plotholes and it isnt perfect, but it deals with themes I find interesting.
I'm the opposite. I appreciate a film that aims high, but only if it actually manages to hit what it aims for. Points aren't awarded for failure. I'd rather have a film that aimed a little lower and succeeded in hitting it's target. Then I feel like I got a complete product for my $.

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