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Originally Posted by CastlesInTheAir View Post
They'd better not recast Stark. If Robert can't do it any more kill off Tony in Avengers. Have someone else wear the armour. The next time another actor plays Tony Stark should be when they reboot the ENTIRE MCU. Which shouldn't happen for a LONG time. Marvel has many other characters they can use. If someone else dons the Iron Man armour, I'm fine with that, but don't call him Tony Stark. I still can't get over Cheadle as Rhodey, I think someone else as Tony would be the last straw. I hate recasting. Stop mixing and matching actors. If you're going to replace actors, go big or go home. Recasting is the laziest thing ever. I can think of plenty of ways they can lose Tony Stark but keep the armour.
Wow, sorry but this is a horrible idea. Kill off Tony? No thanks. If icons like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man can be replaced, then so can Iron Man. As great as RDJ is, he is not bigger than the character.

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