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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
batman should not fight like tony jaa lol

batman especially ben is like 6'4 and will probably be like 225-230 in mos2 very unrealistic
Good comment bro ! Now we're hitting the core of the issue, with Batfleck being about 6'2'' in flats, and probably 6'3"-4" in bat boots, he's much too
big to fight like Donny Yen or Tony Jaa. He's not going to be jumping around like Jet Li, that's more a Robin thing.

Respect to the guy who mentioned Raid Redemption, very exciting film, but
I reckon it's totally wrong for Batfleck.

Batman needs a fighting style that suits his body type. No doubt Ben will bulk up for the film, also Batman wears body armour which is going to restrict his movements.

So, that to me looks like a fighting style more like John Reese (from Person of Interest) not a lot of flashy moves but he can take on a gang and win, easily.

The very first sequence of the series is a superb smackdown of five thugs on a subway train, nothing flashy, just brutal and efficient - no spinning kicks, just elbows, knees, headbutts, throat strikes and best of all "stacking" none of that stand there and get attacked one at a time crap
(Sorry Donny Yen, Batman fights on the streets, not the dojo !)

No way ! It's reminiscent of Nolan's batfighting, (all hail Nolan !) but even more brutal - he gets in the middle of his enemies and
uses them as shields against the others as he destroys them one by one.

I can't post videos, but follow the link, check it out.

Plus, Jim Caviezel is roughly Affleck's height and build.

And, like someone mentioned earlier, he integrates weapons, knives, guns
(kneecaps and shoulders only) whatever he can get his hands on, perfectly.

So, I'm going to go with Reese on this one -maybe throw in a little Seagall
arm-breaking, and we're there.

Having said that, I liked what Nolan did (obviously, although I concede that certain punches in TDKR were not so great) and Bale was credible as a fighter, but let's take it next level -but not in a kung fu, crouching tiger way, but in a badass, Jason Bourne-tear-bad-guys-to-pieces way.

Also, we need a bit of blood. When Bats was smacking the Joker around, (in TDK) I wanted to see that crazy bastard spit out some blood and maybe a tooth -would have made it even more chilling, that Bats is bashing him, and he's just laughing.

Or when Bats was hitting Bane, there should have been some bruises and
Maybe not quite as brutal as the Watchmen alley fight......actually no,
about that brutal (like when Nite Owl smashes the gang leader's elbow)
Definitely want to see some broken bones, they don't have to stick out from the skin, but some good crunching noises (best description of the sound, like a sack full of gravel, crunch !) followed by a few screams.

Anyway, Batman hurts people. If we're going for realism- (apart from the flying, indestructible aliens that is) then we need to see the consequences of fighting (Nolan did a great job of showing the injury toll on Bruce Wayne) now it's time to see the more immediate and damaging injury toll on his enemies.

Thanks for all the posts. Whether we agree or not, good to know that
people out there appreciate that a significant element of the Batman
character, is how well he fights !

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