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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - - Part 38

1) The Destruction in Metropolis - its a god damn comic book film, people need to get over this. Infact go pick up most Superman comics from the past twenty years and you'll see citys destroyed.
2) Superman killing - loved it, great twist to have, leaves stuff open for the next film
3) Trunks - they're gone, get over it peeps
4) Actresses you'd rather have instead of Gal Gadot as WW - not really a WW fan so don't have an opinion. Think she'll do a decent job tbh
5) Movie is overcrowded - we know nothing concrete this argument has no merit
6) Actors you'd rather have as Lex - Denzel Washington, Jaquin Phoenix, Matthew McConaughey etc but will give Jesse a chance
7) WB's "Plan" - MOS was the start of the DC Cinematic universe, Superman Batman is the next step, I think its better to just take each step as it comes. The universe will come together in the end.
8) Actors who'd make better Batmen - well I'm happy with Ben Affleck, but wanted either Ryan Gosling (think he'd be perfect) or Rob Kazinsky
9) Movie title: "Vs" vs World's Finest - I'd be happy with just Superman Batman, I certainly don't want Batman vs Superman. I also think Superman should get the lead in the title.
10) Marvel vs WB/DC - it doesn't exist in the movies, WBs don't just make CBMs whereas Marvel studios do. I just enjoy every CBM that I can no matter the studio.

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