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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by Gamma Ra View Post
Please stop with the 'atrocious writing' bit. Whether you liked the writing or not is irrelevant to the things Banner did before and in World War Hulks.
Yeah the "atrocious writing" bit doesn't have much credibility when you are citing stuff like "teleconferences with his alternate universe selves, builds machines that protect his temporal integrity, mind controls the entire planet repeatedly, brings back the dead by busting into Heaven, hijacks the power of cosmic entities, or uses his brain the manage the recreation of the entire universe." Thats all some pretty stupid **** for someone to be doing after tinkering about in their laboratory for a couple of nights.

Banner hasn't had much of a rep as a braniac for a while but a large part of that has been because hes spent most of the last ten years of Marvel history walking around the desert in a pair of torn up pants. The past couple of years have seen him get some more consistent acknowledgement on that front and thats not a bad thing.

Reed Richards is to smarts kind of like what Hulk is to strength and i dont think its deniable that while guys like Stark and Banner can be close, if push comes to shove he will be Numero Uno. Thats fine. The Leader on the other hand is someone who i dont really see a problem with equalling or even surpassing Reed. I mean superintelligence is his actual power. Yes he doesn't quite have the feats of a guy like RR who goes into space and does wacky stuff every second issue but The Leader is always going to be held back by the fact that most of the time its his job to be foiled by a giant green idiot. Much like its Reed's job to never be able to figure out how to cure The Thing. I was actually pretty fond of how Millar hinted that Reed's stretchy powers actually gave him the ability to think in ways that were not humanly possible and i wish they would introduce something similar for 616 Richards.

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