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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Speaking of Hank, does anyone think they should take the entirety of Ultron away from him, and have Ultron be a co-project?

People will say that it undermines his character arc, but think of this: You would be taking all of the spotlight away from 4 instantly recognizable characters, that helped propel the first film to 1.5 B, and putting it on a hero with kind of lame powers, who only fanboys recognize.

I love Hank Pym, but from a purely commercial, mainstream standpoint, a film revolving around him and his robot son as a sequel to Avengers would be suicide.
Why would it be "suicide," and why would an Ultron story have to *focus* on Pym....? Look, Avengers 1 is technically a Thor story, and yet Hemsworth has the least screentime of the Big Four Avengers. Similarly, an Ultron plot might be technically a Hank Pym story, but it doesn't mean the camera follows him for most of the movie at the expense of the other characters.


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