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Default Re: Divided WB threatens DC films

Originally Posted by Edguy View Post
That is not what I argued against. I said that the films weren't built like comic book films, not that they weren't based on comics.
And what is this template?

The only thing that makes a film a comic book film is being based on a comic. Comic books and their genres are just as, if not more, varied than that of movies. The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, Sin City, Road to Perdition, 300, The Avengers, Green Lantern, Ghost World, Fantastic Four, V For Vendetta, Watchmen, and 30 Days of Night are all comic book films to the same degree. The Incredibles, Super, Hancock, Unbreakable, and Dark Man aren't.

2011: "This movie sucked because of executive meddling."

2016: "This movie sucked because it didn't have a designated meddling executive."
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