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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Yet again more actors unaware of whether or not they're in it (though I'm sure she is). Pretty ridiculous considering filming is in 3 months (or LESS, depending when in April it starts shooting). I understand that these folks are contractually bound to make more, but it's just bloody rude to not give them some advanced notice. :/ They shouldn't have to resort to contacting Hugh Jackman to ask whether or not they can expect to be in this movie.

As I maintain for now Interviewing actors are a waste of time.Because they have been told to say nothing.

Do people realy think 3 months away from filming most of cast haven't been told anything?

I seriously doudt half the film will be In future with Xavier(Patrick Stewert) and Magneto(Ian Mckellen) plus Emma Is prime candiate to be with Magneto(Michael fassbender) and Mystique since Magneto broke her out at end of first Class.
If they weren't allowed to say anything, they could just say, "I really can't say anything". I understand if people like Shawn or Famke play the "I'm waiting by the phone!" card, but cast members who are EXPECTED to return (like JJ, CLJ, LT etc) to their sequel have no reason to use this line.

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