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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Civil War went completely against Iron Man's personality during the Armor Wars where he went off on a crusade of his own (which would be seen as vigilantism). Cap eventually tried to stop him and that's where they first came into conflict on a bigger scale. Iron Man was even kicked out of the Avengers.

Armor Wars was all about Tony protecting his secrets (his technology) and having complete control over it. It was about not wanting the government to have a hand in anything either.

Which is why it's hard to believe that, having established this side of Tony's personality (which is in line with how he had been before, but just a more extreme version, and also more in line with the MCU Stark) that he'd do a complete 180 in Civil War. Civil War was really totally out of character for him.
You have to remember though Armor Wars was written in the 80s a good 15 years before they started changing Starks personality. No comic stays the same throughout the years they wanted to do a different take on Stark and they did and you forget they had been building Stark 's new personality for a while before Civil War so to mention a story from years before as a basis on why Stark shouldn't have acted the way he did in Civil War is mute. Just look at how many times they've changed his origin story

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