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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
Yeah well that´s you opinion we would like to call this specualte, and we think it´s interesting to hear eachother out and talk some about it!

We talked about this with the red gem lol, read!

Ahh, that is of importance. Loki was king for a while. Couldn´t he have taken the blue gem? Or perhaps he had it before and that´s why he was able to blind Heimdal?

So Thanos let Loki keep his gem in exchange for help. It could be that Thanos wanted the cube or that he wanted help with busting in to Odin´s vault. I don´t know either way Thanos offered to combine Loki´s gem with Chitauri tech = the scepter.
As you pointed out Loki was able to shroud what he was doing in Johunteim from Heimdall. If Loki were to have snatched the mind gem off the IG in "Thor" in order to do that, we would've been shown it. However, the only artifact in the vault they showed Loki stage any interest in was the Casket.

You're also assuming Loki even knew what the IG and gems were in the first place. We could attempt to suggest that since Odin was telling he and Thor the story of the casket in the opening of "Thor", there was potential for that with the other stolen relics. So if he knew the backstory of the IG/gems, why would he not take them all given the importance/power we all assume it to behold?

If Loki were to have bargained the gem for the cube we would have been shown that. What were were explicitly told at the beginning of Avengers was Loki bargain the the cube for Earth.

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Macguffin or not, why is that a bad thing?

A. its better than the gems already having been collected off screen.
B. its better than collecting them from random places in the universe that have no bearing on the stories.
C. it shows off each gem's power before finally uniting them all and giving Thanos nearly unlimited power.
Because this is the MCU not the comic book medium. You really think they're going to spend all these movies setting up some giant IG story when they have so many other stories they'd like to unspool? You're placing too much importance on it and trying to do a direct comic book translation when we've seen time and time again Marvel has taken artistic liberties with them in the MCU.

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