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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
In lieu of Clive Russell's recent comments about Benicio Del Toro, the comment is most certainly not dumb.

What you're suggesting for Star-Lord because it "would be funny" is again sort've moot. Got to look at these things objectively. There is no way Star-Lord would ever find his way into the vault.

BTW, the Dr. Strange relic I mentioned isn't the case. I forgot Feige said a while back it was the Warlock's Eye. He also said there is a sword that may or may not be Eternal (i.e. Surtur) and the fact that there was one sub-chamber missing it's artifact. Clearly we assume that to be for the Cube.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
“I’m not sure about Doctor Strange in particular. Oh, I know what they are talking about. That is not Doctor Strange. It is right out of Thor. It is right out of the first Tales of Asgard stories. I think it’s called “The Warlock’s Eye” I think it is verbatim what [Jack] Kirby drew. I think those are the scenes. There is other coverage and stuff where we lingered on those things longer but again “Why are you lingering on that stuff? It has nothing to do with the movie.” “Oh, but it’s cool. People will recognize it.” You can’t do it. But everything in that vault and everything you might see if you pause and look behind people’s shoulders or as the Einherjar soldiers are walking past – everyone of those has a story and it is from the books. There is Thanos’ glove, or certainly a glove that looks like it could be Thanos’ gauntlet, is in there for sure. The Warlock’s Eye thing is in there. There are some swords. There is a sword there that may or may not be eternal. There are a number of things. There is even one, and in fact I’m not sure if you can see this in the movie or not, but there is one that is empty. There was one sort of subchamber of the vault that didn’t have anything in it. So the question is “What used to be in it?”
I didn't necessarily mean dumb and I'm sorry if you took offense to that. It's a really good idea and my only issue with it was that the General Audience doesn't know the Collector is. Now I'm starting to realize that they don't know who Peter Quill is either. I was thinking if they showed Chris Pratt it would create interest in the movie. Now I'm also starting to realize that seeing Benicio Del Toro will do the trick as well. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Star-Lord can't travel across time and space like the Collector can. I have poked holes in my own idea.

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