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Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I can just imagine Abomination rampaging somewhere, only to notice how the sky grows dark, hear a huge thunder clash and Thor comes onto the scene.

Unfortunately I don't really think we'll see something like this. Whedon is more character focused, which is good, so I think action will be more tied to Pietro, Wanda and Ultron. But we can always hope.
That would be a perfect way for Thor and Abomination's battle to go down, we can only hope.

It would be tough, but Thor wouldn't have to be quite as concerned about hurting him as he was with Hulk either. He should be able to give him a hammering and look cool doing it.
True, plus Thor will be able to use his weather control powers in addition to his strength and striking with Mjolnir. In the Thor vs Hulk fight, they were on board the Helicarrier so Thor couldn't use it other powers plus Abomination is a villain Hulk is a teammate.

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