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Default future Superman/JL films must have DARKSEID, cast him !!!!

Hey Superfans,

either a future Superman or JL film must feature Darkseid
( Monghul is cool, but really, he's Darkseid-lite, GL kicked his ass,
come on, )

Anyway, Darkseid has soooooo much potential as a villain, but
truly great villains are a combination of good writing and
great casting.

Now Darkseid is going to have to be motion-capture based,
so really, the physical appearance doesn't matter too much,
but the voice is essential.

Here are some of my thoughts

1. Michael Clarke Duncan, of course sadly, he's dead, but he would
have had the voice and the physical presence to be a great Darkseid.

2. James Earl Jones as the voice, while Dwayne Johnson does the motion-capture.

3. Vin Diesel, could do the voice, probably the motion capture, but
would need a lot of CG.

4. either Keith David or Tony Todd, again not much CG needed for
these big dudes. Both have that deep, gravelly menacing sound.

5. Ron Perlman, has the voice, and no CGI needed to make him look
like Darkseid, he's already an ugly bastard with a face that looks
like its been carved out of rock.

6. Lance Henriksen, the voice is perfect, the craggy face not bad.
would need CGI for the body though.

and the WORST CHOICE......

Christopher Walken ! can you imagine all those weird pauses ?

(and of course either Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving or Jeremy Irons as Desaad).

Okay, enough of my malarkey, what do you guys think ?

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