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Default Re: future Superman/JL films must have DARKSEID, cast him !!!!

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Here's the best answer:

Do him completely CG'ed and get Michael Ironside to voice him.

Think of it like how they did Optimus Prime in Transformers.

Dude ! Thanks for the post.

All Respect to Michael Ironside, for his voice (and for the fact that
he was the first person in a movie to make someone's head explode...with his mind).

Still I have to disagree, for 2 reasons

1) Motion capture adds a lot to the feel of the character. The reason Gollum was so well done in LOTR, was because of the hard work of Andy Serkis (who I worked for, on the Hobbit, and can honestly say is the nicest guy ever !).
Having the movements done by a real person makes the character's movements....well, real. Look what Ruffalo did with the Hulk. Totally
CG but moved like a person, because of motion capture.

2) Ironside's voice is gravelly magic, but (and this is a personal thing)
he has a strong Canadian accent, which for me somewhat diminishes his level of menace. I can get away with saying this, as while I live in NZ,
I'm Canadian, from Toronto originally (just like Michael Ironside). I keep expecting him to say " All will bow down before the might of Darkseid, eh !"

I'm not saying Ironside couldn't do it, I know he's done Darkseid before, and done a great job, but I reckon the vocal register has to go down
even lower for the big screen, right down to the basement. (which is why Clarke Duncan, RIP, was my first choice and James Earl Jones would be number 2)

Still, Ironside would be a strong contender. I'll put him at 7. on my list.


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