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Default Re: What did you think of Amy Adams' Lois Lane?

Originally Posted by Visualiza View Post
And who exactly decides that?

Again, according to who or what? You can't just make these broad statements and expect people to take you at your word, especially when you're so vehemently against any other creative suggestions. "Because it just won't work" isn't a reason. In the same way that you and the rest of the Man of Steel fanbase are so staunchly against people projecting their own idealized version of Superman(Supes doesn't kill, he should've saved his dad, etc.), you can't do the same yourself without some better reasoning.

You don't have to say something verbatim for it to be the undertone of your message. The way you gush about this movie, unconditionally defend its questionable creative decisions, and denounce mere suggestions for creative alternatives says as much. That big bold sig of yours doesn't help your case, either.
Well DC comics decided the red underwear were not necessary so I guess according to them.

I do love this movie and it is for me the best of the CBMs so why does that bother you? I'm not saying its perfect at all, nothing is and much like everything there are 1 or 2 minor changes I would make. If I wanna gush over it I wil, get over it!

And anyway there's a major majority that like the fact that Lois knows beforehand. Its one of the biggest praises I've seen this movie get, cause it doesn't make her look stupid that she can't figure it out. For me I don't think her not knowing would work now, audiences want a smarter film and smarter characters.

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