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Default Re: Mandarin Maybe Reintroduced in Iron Man 4

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
The Real Mandarin:
Ken Wantanabe

Long descendant of Ghengis Kahn (but racial mix through family history of Chinese, Japanese, Syrian, Egyptian)
Leader of The Ten Rings terrorist organization
Has ten rings, powered by cosmic energy (rings' abilities are debatable)
Has been leading The Ten Rings for generations
Approx. 200 years old, kept alive and (relatively) youthful by the rings' powers
Genius intellect
Advanced hand-to-hand combat, various martial arts
Sees himself as the creator of Iron Man (as the armor and character changes for Tony didn't happen until The Ten Rings captured him)
Was behind the original plot of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (the Jericho missile, Stane, Hammer's army, Whiplash)
Masquerades as a businessman, owner of a Japanese corporation that builds weapons tech (similar to Stark)

Just some random ideas.
Only to be shown as another decoy, thus revealing the REAL Mandarin played by Liam Neeson!

Kidding aside I wish we didn't have to have this conversation seeing as this should of been dealt with properly in IM3. Now with "All Hail The King" we're stuck with another "real Mandarin" out there.

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