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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

The cure storyline- Rogue really should have been centre stage to deal with this. Because the storyline wasn't given the focus it deserves, it felt like Rogue's decision to take the cure was rushed. Rogue took the cure because she was jealous of Iceman getting touchy feely with Kitty which is basically the wrong way to go about it. I don't actually mind Rogue taking the cure if she had properly thought about it and agonised over the decision. There are valid reasons why she shouldn’t have taken the cure; she’s changing who she is for someone else etc. However, there are valid reasons for why she should have taken the cure:

She wouldn’t be able to have kids with her powers- nobody would be able to touch her long enough to do the deed. You could argue that she could get artificially inseminated but then comes the question, would the baby survive in her womb as it has some of her DNA and could be immune to her power or would her powers kill it? It’s uncertain.

She wouldn’t be able to have a proper relationship with someone as there would not be that physical closeness that a relationship requires. She could end up dying alone.etc.

Overall I do enjoy the trilogy, there are a couple of scenes that annoy me.

In X3, Rogue says to Wolverine “I want to be able to touch people. A hug, a handshake, a kiss.” Yet in X2 and the alternate X3 ending, she hugs Bobby quite happily with her powers. Therefore her powers don’t stop her from hugging anyone so long as she doesn’t touch their skin.

Another scene that bothers me in X2, is that when they’ve run out of Stryker’s place to find the helicopter gone, they just stand there. They don’t think to run through the trees on the right to the X-Jet. If they did, Rogue wouldn’t have had to crash land the jet and the engines would have worked and Jean would have lived. Had the helicopter been there would they have gone and left Rogue and Iceman? Rogue and Iceman didn’t know the dam had ruptured, yet the X-Men made no effort to warn them.

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