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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Before Bryan Singer moved to Superman Returns, he planed to shot X-Men 3 and 4 Back to Back, the 3rd would have the dark phoenix saga and the 4th would have the final battle, but then came a bad director who instead of making 2 x-men movies with probably 2 hours each decided instead to make only one movie with 100 minutes, and with 7 story arcs, only because he thinks a trilogy is the best way to end something, that´s just stupid, i like trilogies but deciding every time to make a trilogy is just idiot. The story would be bether explored with 4 movies, it would be a tetraquel, what´s the problem of people and trilogies? You don´t have to make a trilogy of everithing you find, if someone before you decided that it should be 2 movies back to back, you should use that idea and not make one single movie that has only 100 minutes, in the truth because brian synger left after the 2nd x-men, instead of making a 4 hours epic, it was decided to make a 100 minuted trash.
I don´t like the fact of x-men being a trilogy, i still think that it is not complete, and it´s not because of magnetos powers returning, xavier´s ming surviving and not because sabretooth from X-origins: wolverine still remembering his past with wolverine, no, it is because for me there is a missing piece in the story, X-3 and XO-Wolverine are the reason why x-men movie are being destroied, annd i hope First class is a good prequel that can continue the story of the mutants of the terrible wolverine movie, and i hope that wolverine 2 can tell us how sabretooth became dumb, and that bryan singer can give us an X-Men 4

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