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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Alright, my friend. See you later. Just remember to come back!

NextGenHero: Here is the list that I made of the materials. It is just in a .txt file, so I apologize for any formatting issues here.

tank: $9.99 at Home Depot (
trigger: $3.99 at Radio Shack (
wires: $9.49 at Radio Shack (
ATMega168 Microcontroller: $14.99 at Nerdkits (
PCB: $2.49 at Radio Shack (
2 x CR2032 Holders: $1.19 each at Radio Shack (
Relay: $3.35 at Radio Shack (
Solenoid Valve: $12 on eBay
9V Battery Snap connectors: $2.69 at Radio Shack (
Nozzle: $4.99 at Ace Hardware
Spinneret (not necessary): Got it out of a soap dispenser that was broken (
Case: Use anything made of plastic that you have lying around that can hold it
Solenoid Mounting hardware: Just use screws you have lying around that fit it
Batteries: Just use ones you have, or go out an buy them for less than $10 total

Total cost: $65.25, tax not included

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