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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
Yeah Nolan definitely had input with the story but Snyder changed it also, apparently the final act was changed a lot and that Jonah rewrote it (though there is no evidence of that I believe). So pretty much everything up till after the Smallville fight I imagine had Nolan's input. The rest though with snipits of his had to be a Snyder/Goyer thing as there is no way on this earth I can imagine Nolan going "then Zod comes down then.... **** it everything gets blown to **** for 25 minutes!"

I just watched Doug Walker's (Nostalgia Critic) review of MoS with his brother. Wow it seems they totally missed the point with a lot MoS' scenes! I'm not a big defender and admit there is a lot of stupid stuff in MoS but the points they were bringing up were moronic. And also a lot of it was Nolan's fault apparently... really? If you are critiquing like they do you have to have at least SOME knowledge of how the film is put together.
Nolan accepted the change.. according to Goyer.. and the first draw was to send the kryptonians including zod to the phantom zone... but IMO the final product of that scene (world engine, Faora's last dance on earth and Supes vs Zod) except of the final scene were made by goyer and nolan (polished by Snyder) and were incredibly amazing.... it has the same scenario like BB all the city is gonna be doomed and with no hope and at the end (casualties in MOS AND BB) and the consequences (Arkham Bad guys freedom and also the train destruction in BB) the difference is the case of Supes was a world situation on the other hand batmanĀ“s only is a city situation... the movie has it's flaws but all the movie is a great piece of art.... that critic was so silly, pointless without strong arguments should I continue?....


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