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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
The marketing will have to really sell the fact that this is a different Batman from Christian Bale's, not even existing in the same universe. That was something they could have done better when Batman Begins was coming out. I remember seeing a lot of people who thought it was a continuation of the Burton films.
Oh yeah. When the The Dark Knight Rises was releasing, they plastered "conclusion of the trilogy" ever where and many people were like when did The Dark Knight 2 come out?

People will be clueless one way or another but atleast the fact that someone else would be Batman apart from Bale might clue them in. Either-ways I don't think many would honestly care. I kinda still feel many people can't name Cavill, like they know he's Superman but might not recollect his name.

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