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Default Re: Batman 89 vs Batman Begins

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Great post.

I watched Mask Of The Phantasm recently and there are times when the nostalgia kicks in and other times it's just clear to me that it might be the best Batman movie of all time.
This is the same way I feel. MOTP is my personal favorite Batman film but when it comes to which one is objectively better, I'm often debating to myself between TDK and MOTP. Often TDK ends up being the winner for me, but I don't think MOTP is too far behind.

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
It is. Only The Dark Knight came close as far as live action goes IMO. But the good thing is I do feel we're getting a lot closer to that unanimous "definitive" Batman movie that hits all the angles for all fans.

Especially since people in hollywood now finally realize the amount of depth that exists within the source material and could be mined to create a gem of a movie even more now in light of TDKT's popularity with the mainstream.

The one thing I appreciate about Batman Begins is that it not only brought in a new generation of fans ensuring the longevity of the franchise. But it also woke up a lot of people as to how a Batman movie could be approached on a deeper thematic level. It let them know that there is more to Batman beneath the surface and opened them up to look deeper into the mythology than they had before. Sort of like what the Arkham games did with a lot of non comic book reading gamers.
I agree with everything you stated, especially on what BB did. Part of what I loved so much about the Nolan films was how they, as you said, took a look at Batman past the surface and approached him on a deeper level, something that hasn't fully been done before with Batman in live-action IMO. Whatever direction the reboot goes in, that is one of the things I hope does not get dropped. There is so much to explore with Batman in that regard.

I slightly disagree with you on TDK. In my opinion, TDK is the definitive Batman movie (that's not to say that it cannot ever be topped). The way I see it, it is the definitive Batman film minus the definitive Batman. It features everything that a Batman film should have - the idea of Batman, what separates him from other vigilantes and DA's, Gordon as we know him, the Batman/Gordon dynamic, Joker, the Batman/Joker dynamic, the themes of insanity revolving around the Joker, the relationship between fear and insanity, the mob vs. "freaks" element, the deeper-level approach, etc. However, the only thing I think it lacks is the definitive Batman. We have yet to see the world's greatest detective in all his might and glory on the big screen played by the definitive Batman actor who is to Batman what Christopher Reeve and RDJ were to their characters respectively.

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