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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

Originally Posted by DChero View Post
I don't mean to offend any Riddler fans, but that's not a premier character to the general audience. Yes, there is much more awareness than Red Hood, but that doesn't directly link to a more positive reception.
I disagree. Riddler is absolutely a premier for the general audience, just not as much for the fans. Riddler will get a positive reception depending on the actor and marketing.

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Oh, I'd love for Batman to have an establishing film first, maybe with Strange and Riddler as villains. Preferably if there is a trilogy I'd love Strange and Nygma in the first film, Jason and Joker in the second and Simon Hurt in the finale attcking all of Bruce's family and his reputation.
Id be happy with that. But I also don't care much about Jason.

Originally Posted by LEVITIKUZ View Post
How about no Jason and Tim?

Do we need Jason? I love Under the Red Hood but since that comic, Jason hasn't done anything in comics. It's like "so we brought Jason back and did an epic return story, what do we do with this character now?"

Jason shouldn't even be involve.
That's what im thinking. We have to remember that these movies are made for the general audience not the comic book fans. And it wont have much to do with Snyder's tastes either. It's all the studio and Affleck (if he writes & directs the solos) if they like Jason Todd or Tim Drake. Im gonna bet that Ben doesn't.

You're right. Jason probably shouldn't be involved. He wasn't Robin that long before the actual fans voted to kill him off. Then he gets brought back as the Red Hood, basically a Punisher type character. Meh. Id rather the classic rogues.

Originally Posted by LEVITIKUZ View Post
Just have him and Grayson. Also Barbara. Just have the 3 of them.
Good idea. Barbara should be the Oracle and not Batgirl. Grayson was Robin but now he's Nightwing. Done.

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