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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - Part 142

Two things that I will complain about now...

1.) When Gordon first encounters Bane in the sewers, no one refers to Bane by name, yet when Blake comes to Wayne at the Manor he says that Gordon was babbling about a masked guy named "Bane." How does Gordon know about him? Does he get National Security briefs about international mercenaries?

2.) When Blake tells Wayne about the first time that they met... Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 31. Let's use that as a benchmark. Okay? Blake is 30 years old. Bruce hasn't been Batman in 8 years making Blake 22 the last time Bruce was Batman. Bruce was Batman for about 2 years total... 3 at the absolute most. That makes Blake 19 at the time where Bruce was Batman and could have met Blake... Too old to be in an orphanage.

So let's say he's 24-26 in the film. That's doable. Then he was 18-20 the last time Bruce was Batman and 15-17 when he first met Bruce probably after 5-7 years of living in the Boy's Home.

I'm just saying that the math doesn't quite add up on this one unless you force it.


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