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Default Re: Shailene Woodley COULD BE Mary Jane TASM3 - Part 3

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
it would make SONY and Webb look really bad, webb has already said he cut MJ for peter and gwens story, so webb would put his foot n his mouth if they got replaced her for this film and setting plans up to replace her over a year early seems an even more crazy idea by sony, unless they plan on filming 2 films together which i assume they aint

Why do you keep saying that she's replacing Shailene in TASM2? There's nothing in that article that says she's reshooting Shailene's scenes. In fact, judging from last week's pics, we probably saw the reshoot with Aunt May taking the place of MJ when Gwen knocks on the door and he's not home. (I'm guessing this b/c Gwen is wearing the same clothes in the previous scene shot with MJ)

I'm not saying the rumour is true, but it's not that crazy to sign an actress a year in advance. You want to book them early so they so they can plan their schedule in advance and not book any other movies that conflict with the schedule. If they had signed Shailene a bit earlier instead a few months before production, maybe we wouldn't have this scheduling problem

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