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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by Tacit Ronin View Post
I had no lingering reckoning of this episode. Until you made it a needless point to bring it back up with insulting me in the worst way imaginable ("in your opinion"; really?). Perhaps your retort should've been something conceptually closer to what I did so as to rekindle me of your intent, because I spent quite a lot of time being confused as I forgot about whatever bodily harm I may or may not have caused you. Because as it was it wasn't much of an insult at all; more of a farce.
The worst way imaginable really? Jesus if that's the worst way imaginable then you really must have lived a sheltered life. You were been a jackas for no reason so I was a jackass back, end of!

And because you can't remember doing it that makes it OK, does it? Why should you get away with it? I even PM'd you about it and you just ignored me.

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