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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

I voted for Spider-Man.
Though I'm a Batman fan Spidey's first flick entertainend me more. Maybe it's all about Kirsten Dunst.

What I love about Begins is the origin story itself. What I also love is that the whole "Gotham must be destroyed"-storyline is built up simultaneously and not just an added third act. Also Begins had some amazing Batman scenes like the docks, the bats he called, Batman standing on a building after the Falcone incident, the Joker card etc. And Jim Gordon was finally done right.

What I did'nt like at all was the third act itself. The whole microwaver stuff just didn't fit into the vibe of this movie, the action was lame, the fear gas scenes were extremly lame and I hated the "I don't have to save you" line. And, of course, the one liners were pretty annoying.

"Begins" was a very good origin movie (8/10). I enjoyed Spider-Man even more, though. Maybe it's just the microwave emitter that got me out of "Begins".

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