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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by cryptic name View Post
it's not just a simple matter of fan service or promoting the next movie. marvel is building something here, that's what's exciting. shield isn't in iron man 2 just to promote the avengers, but so that when they have a greater presence in the avengers or maybe even the bookends of cap, they won't just have come out of nowhere. i've said since iron man 2 came out that a few years from now it will be looked at much differently because we'll see it in context.
This is the crux of my viewpoint though, your making the same assumption that Marvel seems to be. If someone sees IM & IM2, but none of the other three movies, then for all intents and purposes, a lot of things will be coming out of nowhere.

Listen I love what they're trying to do, and when it comes at the end of the movie like IM or TIH, it's cool. But IM2 is the first instance where they integrated SHIELD members into the central plot. And people can't say that they're just representing SHIELD because 90% of Fury's interest in Stark derives from the Avengers. If they used the regular Nick Fury, that viewpoint makes more sense to me, but the Ultimates Nick Fury has a totally different role within that universe, and conversely, in this movie universe as well.

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