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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
People on here don't seem to understand, when you're severely don't want to fix yourself. There's almost a comfort at a point in what you're doing, or not doing I should say. You also lack the energy to do those things, even to eat (as we see on that skimpy tray of food at the start of the movie). Bruce, has turned into Harvey Dent when he was in that hospital bed after he learnt of Rachel's death. Dent didn't want to help himself, he refused it. When you're depressed or angry like that, you embrace it until somebody helps you or you come to the realization yourself that you need to move on.

This is why Bruce didn't get the brace until Selina and Bane came into his life and saw the possibility of Batman. And Blake was another character that opened his eyes when he learnt that orphans weren't getting what they were supposed to in schools.

He could have easily went to get surgery or knocked on Fox's door during those 8 years. But it's not something he wanted to do.
Don't think the point was directed for me but I know exactly what it's like. If he was really depressed he wouldn't even want to be batman any more if needs be. I gathered a man frozen in time who felt as though he had nothing else to offer and was just waiting for some action or as Alfred said waiting for things to go bad again to regain that feeling of purpose. If we had time to actually see him brooding by himself and maybe even shedding a tear nothing more needed to be said. It never felt as though he was at rock bottom even in the pit. There was no desperation.

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