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Default Re: Fantastic Four Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
Pause.. In fact they ROTSS flopped. Fact. Continue..
Not really. $130 M budget, $289 M wasn't as big as the first one, but it did okay.

Because 7 years after a flop nobody (well maybe an insignificant number) wants Fox to attempt another FF after the MCU hits it out of the Box Office park. For 3 of the 4 years it was Lee/Kirby 616 then suddenly its UFF with a African-American Johnny Storm. Small budget=good to you for any Marvel film?? ROTSS had a $130 Mill Budget. Every Marvel film had at least a $150 Million Budget (Except IM with $140 Mill) AOU will be 200+ Mil Budget (Not including Promotion). Then theres lil old FF. Your bordering on disrespecting the FF with this logic. The fans know it, The GA won't care (and won't care to see it either) so thats why they would try to kill it..
I wasn't saying that I agree with it, but I think that's probably how Fox reasoned it out. Small budget may not make a better movie, but its good news for the studios because they have less to lose if the movie underperforms, and Trank showed them with Chronicle that he was able to do that and have it pay. That's all I was trying to say.

Also, how will we know what they're planning to spend on it until they, y'know, spend it? Has their even been an official budget released yet.

But answer my question. Would you put your money on it and realistically expect a return.. Maybe you should help Fox with the budget. Maybe you can help me make the FF Reboot.. I'll give you my banking info for a deposit. "I GOT CHU"!!!
To be blunt...yes. Nothing here that hasn't already been successful with the TASM franchise (including Electro being race-changed and Rhino being a guy in a mocap suit, neither of which seem to be getting much hate), so I can totally see why a trend-chasing studio executive would sign off on this. They might be nervous because of the online backlash and poor handling thereof, but I don't see why that would make them abandon a project with (in their eyes) everything else going for it. So yes, if I were them, I would totally bank on this.

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