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Default Re: Fantastic Four Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Donut View Post
The Electro & Perry White race changes changed nothing but their own characters. Changing Johnny Storm pretty much changes the entire team & also takes up story & screen time & bringing in the Nick Fury argument is worthless. That change first happened in the comics & it helps that the actor they based the change on is him in the movies
Electro was never black in the comics, and nobody complains about that. Probably because Jamie Foxx is a great actor and, when powered up, he looks like familiarly like Electro (Ultimate Electro, close enough).

And not to beat a dead argument, but how does changing his race affect Johnny Storm's character at all? He's a cocky fighter pilot who bursts into flame and flies and annoys Ben; nothing in that requires that he be a white dude. And if your talking about him being Sue's brother, I'll gladly be the millionth person to point out how that could be explained away with a single throwaway line of dialogue and hardly anybody would bat an eyelash. You don't need to devote a whole subplot to it.

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