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Default Re: Fantastic Four Box Office Prediction Thread

Ok, to get back on topic I'm gonna throw out a wild guess here: Atm, and trying to put personal bias to one side, I have a feeling John Carter like numbers might be on the cards here, so maybe around $80mil domestic, and maybe (and I feel I might be being generous here) £200mil international = $280 gross. Less cuts we are down to around $120mil, less another cut to marvel, down to $100mil. Then taxes.

No merchandising support so only the after market DVD/Blu Ray deals etc to bolster that a bit later on.

All pure guesswork for obvious reasons (we haven't seen anything of it yet), so subject to revision as we learn more (if the trailers are incredible I will amend my guestimates accordingly).

Working on the assumption they aint goona go mad with the budget, this guess would have them maybe break even.

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